HATER FREE ZONE!!!!!!!!  :)

Hi i'm Blair Taylor Finley i'm 12 yrs old. i'm in 7th grade but you don't need to know where i go to school :). My favorite colors are hot pink and lime green. My favorite t.v shows are zoey 101 and toddlers and tiaras. My hobbies are cheerleading,singing and watrissing at my uncles restraunt. i have blonde hair and blue-green eyes. i wear size 6 in shoes and xs in clothes. i have 4 brothers and i'm the only girl!!! I'm spoiled :)  haha. I'm also the middle child wich can be good but.........can also b bad lol :) My best friend is mackenzy clark :) I love riding 4-wheelers and golfcarts. And i love jumping on my trampoline it's square!!!! I also love swimming and going to the beach :) Laying out really isn't my thing i like swimming more but i'm still really tan:) Myfavorite subject in school is reading and lunch lol :) My favorite food is crablegs..My favorite song is anything on 95.1 or on 97.9 i love pop music. Wheni get older i want to be a pro. cheerleader or a model!!! My favorite website is stardoll and youtube. My favorite article of clothing is tube tops :)  i just think its SOOOO cutee how haters make me the center of their world ;)  my fave animals aree zebra and a dog (:   i'm in LOVE with a boy named bradley shay fennell (: <3   i'm VERY  random and ditzy and LOUD!!! ;) lol but cha gotta love mee (:   i think u shouldn't be in a relationship if your gonna act singlee....just sayingg!!! thts a lil hoey :)   i'm a TOTAL beach babe ;)  i don't really update this alot but i do pretty often (:  if yew ever wanna reach me e-mail me at finleyblair@yahoo.com (:  my fave stores to shop at are hollister, american eagle, aeropostale, abercromie and fitch,abercrombie,wetseal,juicy couture and betsy johnson (:  i eat like a flippin pig! but don't gain a pound (:   i cheer for my school (: i fly! its really fun but also super scaryy (:  i have braces..but tht jus happened recently their pink and green lol ;)  youtube.com  is my obsession. i'm super flexible (:  taylor swift and justin beiber are my fave singers (:  i'm   mature for my agee(:  i can't stand haterss cuz they know they wich